Indian Beauty Institute has partnered with Universal Immigration, Canada for all sorts of immigration services with 100% transparency and genuine services.

IELTS is a key service provided by Indian Beauty Institute for students wanting to qualify for Study as well as express entry visa with CLB9 score

Universal Immigration is providing online IELTS classes, so you can study from your home.

We are providing you high-quality training at an affordable fee.

This is a 4-month intensive training which will take you through comprehensive IELTS and mandatory English to help you get a high score.

This course is clearly divided into 10 essential units so you can see your IELTS level improve as you prepare through the essential units.

  • Your current IELTS level check
  • English foundation for IELTS training
  • Vocabulary for IELTS training
  • IELTS Academic and General Training
  • 60 practice tests
  • Tips on band 9 on reading, writing, listening and speaking
  • Mock test with predictive band
  • E-books and downloadable audio files.
  • 100 lessons
  • 400 videos
  • Online tutor support

Tuition fees vary based on institution. Please contact the administration for more information.

A Student information form will be given to you in which you have to fill in his details and it will be forwarded to Universal Immigration.

  • On basis of the information provided by you, they will be suggesting to them some programs and universities or colleges.
  • Once you choose the option, we move ahead by signing an agreement with him.

The applicant’s age should not be more than 28 years.

If there are any, valid documents of proof should be there to justify the gap.

  • If you select for a 1-year program, you will get 1 year of work permit.
  • If you select for the 2-year program, you will get 3 years of work permit.

The students of IBI were facing problems in the overall immigration process and we as a service provider strived to provide a one-stop solution to all the hurdles.

They are available day in and day to answer your queries.

The preference of country, allocation of funds, your documentation regarding your academic and professional career and your willingness are of utmost importance while applying to study abroad.

Canada provides a cross-cultural large range of academic options in each sector of the industry.

The institutes in Canada have both on-campus and off-campus facilities for the accommodation of international students.

Its skill-based culture is what makes Canada a very high demanding nation in terms of a skilled workforce.

Student visa holders in Canada can access 20 hours of work while the ongoing term and 40 hours during vacations. Apart from this, there are no limitations for on-campus jobs.