The story behind the Logo Lotus Bud

INDIAN BEAUTY INSTITUTE with a Lotus Bud. A Lotus bud symbolizes a new beginning. Lotus is a symbol of beauty, creation, rebirth, modesty, innocence, purity, spiritual enlightenment, personal progress, wisdom and knowledge.

The pink lotus is seen as supreme and associated with the gods and goddesses of Hindu and Buddhist religions. The scientific name of a Pink Lotus in Nelumbo nucifera (scientific name), also known as Sacred Lotus or Indian Lotus.

A lotus is analogous to the spirit of a person in Hindu scriptures. It has significance in different religions, Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, and Ancient Egypt with the meaning of purity, holiness, divinity and dignity.

A lotus bud starts with being small and simple; gradually it pushes itself from the murky water of the ponds, out in the sun to bloom into a resplendent flower.  It teaches us to overcome all the struggles and rise above all the negativities and emerge as a beautiful person with meaning to our life. The lotus teaches us to blossom fresh with each practice and approaches it as a source of an infinite new beginning.

Just like the bud opens petal by petal and opens up to embrace the world, we open our authentic self gradually in the light of the world with practice and perseverance, taking our team and students on the higher ground with us.


With practice each day, with self-exploration and hard work we guarantee the core skills and knowledge we impart will prepare genuine and passionate future artists professionally and personally. We see people under our hood surely growing under the shining sun and blooming into a beautiful lotus flower.

Core Values

We are dedicated to supporting our team and students to become successful artists and professionals. Our educator staff comprises of tenured educators who motivate and mentor the students. Our team and students are our priority.  We exercise transparency, we give more than we take be it education and values.  We believe in a fun and loving environment to celebrate the life and work we do.


Meet Our Team

Diya Chandwani

Diya Chandwani

Centre Head - Maninagar
Sunita Mahoviya

Sunita Mahoviya

Salon Manager - Maninagar
Malti Buch

Malti Buch

Director – Technical
Yashvi Buch

Yashvi Buch

Principle Faculty